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Sustainable solutions for people and the environment

ACO products contribute to environmental protection, the creation and maintenance of infrastructures, and safety in industry, commerce and transport. ACO products can be a key part of sustainable drainage and low impact development projects.

Infrastructure and drainage

Infrastructure and drainage - safeguarding future mobility

The expansion, protection and maintenance of transport routes is a key issue, as well as being one of the biggest infrastructural challenges around the world. ACO product solutions guarantee the highest levels of safety on transport and industrial surfaces. Trench, gratings, drains and other external drainage products made by ACO are optimally designed and constructed for extreme conditions and special installations. ACO set the benchmark globally for quality, innovation and safety.


Ecology – clean solutions for our environment

ACO Products can be an important part of the practical aspect of environmental protection. Trench systems, separation and containment maintain clean water cycles in industry, commerce and agriculture. ACO products make a contribution to using valuable natural water resources in a prudent, environmentally-compatible and economical way.

Protection and hygiene

Protection and hygiene - highest levels of safety for vulnerable areas 

Our systems help maintain safety and hygiene in hospitals, industrial kitchens and production facilities, allowing for fast and effective drainage of building exteriors and interiors.

Drains made of polymer concrete, stainless steel and plastic also play an important role in protection by preventing water damage and bacteria build up which can spread disease.